Memorial Insurance

We offer Stoneguard Insurance through Bridge Insurance brokers and The Royal & Sun Alliance.

Stoneguard safeguards your memorial and covers the cost of repair or replacement if it is defaced or damaged over the years.


The premiums shown below are for a five year period.

Memorial / Headstone Value Premium
Up to - £400   £31
£401 - £500 £38
£501 - £600   £43
£601 - £750 £52
£751 - £1000 £63
£1001 - £1250       £77
£1251 - £1500 £92
£1501 - £1750 £108
£1751 - £2000   £124
£2001 - £2500   £151
£2501 - £3250 £177

The premiums shown may be subject to periodic review by Insurers and include Insurance Premium Tax at 6% (set by the Government and subject to alteration).

Over £3250 – 5% of value + 6% Insurance Premium Tax


What does the STONEGUARD ® insurance policy cover?
It provides ‘All Risks’ cover and examples of this are: Vandalism, Subsidence, Falling Trees, Storm Damage, Theft, and Graffiti. Public liability cover is also provided. Contact us to find out more about cover for our Headstone insurance and memorial stone insurance.

Do I have to pay the first amount of a claim?
No. There is no excess on the StoneGuard policy.

Can the policy be transferred to another member of the family?
Yes – please contact our office to request this.

Do claims affect the premium?
Not unless you make more than 5 claims in any 5 year period.

How long do memorial insurance quotations take?
Quotations over the phone take less than 5 minutes. If you submit a quotation request, we will call you back as soon as possible.

How quickly can insurance cover for a headstone be arranged?
Immediately over the phone or when we receive your application by post.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Cash, cheques or cards without additional charge.

How much should I insure my memorial headstone for?
The replacement cost at today’s prices including VAT.

Who is the insurer?
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc (RSA)

Will I receive my documentation quickly?
Yes. All documentation is carefully issued by us and will include your schedule/certificate.

It is a sad reflection on today’s society that many memorial headstones suffer wanton vandalism or are accidentally damaged. The cost of this long established insurance scheme can be as little as £5.60 per year, on a renewable 5-year term.